❖ 〖 K i s e k i  n o  S e d a i 〗

the entire weight of the world rests on your shoulders


And in that moment, I swear I was angrier than Eren Jaeger

I want a fanfic were like Erwin is the dad of Armin and Levi the dad of Mikasa. Erwin and Levi are married and the kids get really good. along. Than there is Eren who has a huge crush on Armin and Armin on him. Mikasa is like best friends with Eren so Armin is like “Mika help me, tell him nice things about me so he’ll like me and we can go out!” And Eren asks the same but there is one problem!
She has a crush on Eren too! So she talks soetimes shit about Armin, and talks shit about Eren.
Armin finds out about her crush and that she talks bad about him to Eren so he is like furious at her and doesnt talk to her anymore. Erwin and Levi see that and talk to the both of them…
Annie comes in Mikasas life and they both fall for eachother.
And than happy end for everyone.